Where we’re you on that unthinkable day. And yet here we are, 20 years later. What things we have gone through since! Declaring light, peace, healing, and love in every home.

Have you found any correlations from then to now? As a society, and individually.

I remember my mom woke my sister and I up to the news in our Korea town apartment, eyes glazed in terror and shock…what on earth was happening. Live, watching yet another plane intentionally crash, and another building fall.

I had to go straight to what was a dream fulfilled, a scholarship meeting at the edge. One thing I know in that meeting and what played out that year, while things weren’t perfect…we were there together. We opened up in tears and shock, and were blessed to dance through the pain.

This morning on 9/11, I went to an awesome staff meeting at a new dance studio I am grateful to be teaching at. Prepared for masks and perhaps more flexible than ever as human beings, no matter the regulations. For unconditional love is in the grounds. How will I breathe teaching dance with a mask, God will help me. I can do this, we can do this, we are in this together. Remaining grateful is a must. Eyes fixed on what matters most, being there with and for brilliant human beings…who are leaders.

While we get to live on and live out dreams, which is incredibly important, even when dreams are redefined…let us remember the good, and the challenges that we human beings have faced. God knows what our neighbors have gone through. God knows the hard things people have gone through, that they really shouldn’t have gone through. Let us remember we are here together, and for each other, through the good, and through the bad. And through all the messy.

We are not alone as much as it can feel that way. Lately a major thought I’ve been processing, is that perfection is the enemy of the good. Messy involves humans. And the human heart recognizes pure love. Humans before the dream, in fact humans are the dream.

My heart and prayers lift up all the families effected by the tragedy of 9/11. And all the families who have walked through the unthinkable. Resiliency is a power. Well done good and faithful servants and heroes. What inspiration you have given to help the rest of us walk.

With gratitude for you,


I remember