Goodbye bitterness.

Hi. I hope you guys are well and feeling loved. Which possibly at times requires a deeper seeking, to find the love of God that is already there. At times, when things are possibly muddy, we search. For God. While he is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the world is changing. And God is is the ultimate, highest, deepest, loveliest, fullest, authentic creative.

Lately much has shifted in my heart, by the grace and work of God, and a facebook group I’m following, called the Joy Portal! Don’t underestimate the power of social media, the truth, and higher council!

I feel like I’ve been through quite a windy road trip while writing this. So buckle up, and have your coffee too. We are crossing over. But first we must shake some things off.

Last post I mentioned going into more depth on a lesson I had in Bitterness. Yay.

What I’m pondering now is maybe, just maybe next post I’ll talk about favor, and being blessed financially, having a successful business, and perhaps it’ll come true…I do believe in the power of our words. Now don’t get me wrong, we are blessed. Despite all the battles faced, there’s been huge blessings and doors that have began to open—doors only God could open. Receive that in your heart if desired. Faith is faith!!!

And sometimes we fill the inbetweens with every emoji under the sun.

Why not dive deep into process, to truly overcome whatever it is that needs overcoming…or to unravel whatever needs to unravel. Covering emotions under the rug eventually turns into dust bunnies or errupts. So God help us release in assertive ways, or in a dance, whatever pure way it calls for.

Going higher, means going deeper underground—and that is where gold is found. What I am still learning is that faith, following visions, planting and watering seeds gives hope for the future. Seeds will grow. What seeds are we planting.

Part of my purpose of sharing is to bring light, and to pour out the inner gold that I have sweated, cried, prayed, and rested to find. That you may have freedom in such a way too, if desired. Or to simply be freed up to open up, and not hold it all in. Like releasing an untied balloon, and the sheer joy that can bring.

So anyway, some weeks ago, God had given me a story only he could write— or the enemy did, but God allowed it. It was a test I didn’t sign up for. And since then, a whole nother form of bitterness came in. Like the sly fox, that sped toward my car, on my way to Grandma’s house. I feel I failed that one. But seriously, shame gone.

We fail up, learn the lesson, and move on. I’m hyper aware of this lately, because it’s something I am overcoming again. Although this time, I can feel the shame come on so strong that I immediately recognize it. And I can’t hold it. A dance, or some tearing up some paper (and recycling it) or shouting praises are great remedies. We all need natural remedies for combat. Might as well have fun with it. It’s for freedom. But don’t forget to cry.

Life reminds me so much of the cartoon Adventure Time. We are constantly taking tests, to arise to the next level.

One fine afternoon I took my car out to activate the new insurance external device. As I reversed back in my parents long driveway, I found myself in a Spirit lead activation to remove the pain of the past. I shouted my good byes, and had a blast!!! Switched gears and drove forward. I encourage such a spiritual activation. And Prophetic declarations that you can get your groove on with. With God included. Sure you can shout at him, just absolutely know how much He loves you, and wants to have all the conversations with you.

But also know that, there’s an enemy.

So nearly within an hour of getting home, one of my best friends from a past training school calls. I am sooooo excited!

And I hear her, and I agree, and I am fullhearted in, to support her. Yeah, that teacher was not a good one. Thank God we all got out.


I’m not gonna name names or specifics here. I was about to do a write up when…Suddenly I couldn’t sleep the next three nights in a row. And the morning that I was going to press send, as I was meditating on scripture preparing my heart, the pages turned on their own and my eyes went straight to this part.

You see, the weeks leading up to this point, I had been asking God, what’s going on, why has gunkiness been happening. I’ve been following His path to my knowledge and planting seeds, and I could not understand the hard times, again. Challenges aside from the worlds latest challenges. The last many years were incredibly challenging for me…haven’t I graduated I thought! (I understand life is not always easy—especially lately for many, but I just was truly over it, and I’ve wondered, is there something I could do differently, because I’ve seen better, and I am believing for that.)

We are in a turning point, world changing time now. And I live here. We all live here now. And we are also moving into the future. So wave that light and the old is gone!

I can say now, I’m grateful for the challenges because they have ultimately changed me for the better. But, it never hurts to ask God questions.

And thus he taught me a secret about bitterness. Within the same week I had also just listened to a message from Kris Valotton, where the biggest thing I received from this message, was that when we let bitterness build, the enemy has an invitation. Which is what the message meant to me in the image above. It’s all written. And I’m gonna say it in love—‘THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.’ because that line has been going off in my ears lately.

So God answered my why. And I knew removing bitterness was the answer, because prior to it, I was shaken up to the point of not sleeping. I had began experiencing more financial challenges, and an injury that put me on the bed for nearly two weeks. Nevertheless I continued planting seeds. God knows the day my financial side of things will change for the better. With God’s promises and my latest dreams, I know it will change for the better.

We must believe it, which perhaps could take some time of unraveling old belief systems of doubt, shame, poverty mindsets, boxed mindsets, and etc. But don’t expect everyone else to be on the same page. I was processing a door that had recently closed, with the inner questions of how is this gonna work out, and what am I going to do…and the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me:

“Sometimes you have no other choice but to believe you can.”

So let’s go with the light. And wave good bye to carrying the weight of the past, or of others!!! That’s what Christ died for. Give it to him, and go as deep as needed to not carry shame. This is a breakthrough point for me. And I bless whomever needs that breakthrough with freedom!!!!! Everything in me that doesn’t bring life can die. All the shame, and pain, the old, gone. And true flowers of Christ’s power may rise. Whenever something painful I’ve experienced comes to mind, I’m seeing a picture of it dying in me and out of me, completely dissolving, and then powerful new fresh life grows through me. Listen to graves into gardens

Or whatever worship song is gonna hit home, because worshipping God aligns us to visions and solutions. And then we are filled with light and love.

I find that the most powerful people live by love and actions, not just words. Perhaps this takes practice for us all in some way, even if it’s loving others who don’t listen, who’ve perhaps offended us many times, who seem to not come from the same place. Bless your enemies have been singing in my ears. I suppose to keep the love, don’t let it sit, release it and find the gold buried beneath! And still, boundaries. Like we are at life school, and we still gotta sharpen our pencil for great purposes.

Anyway, so much had stopped working, including my computer…but there’s still hope. While I wanted to put much more up in commerce shops, and share here the signs we made, that I spoke of in the last post…I’ve had to let it go. Blow up the balloon, and release.

I had experienced so many triggers in the past month, perhaps because of the state of the world. I’ve also really been blessed to have trauma healing, and therapy the last four years. But many triggers had resurfaced. And since I now know this truth, it makes sense why such challenges would come on so strong. It’s like a sling shot, and boom. Repeat. We hit the target, and pull back again. Hit or miss the target, and pull back. Hit the target, and so on, as our hearts, minds, and souls are being aligned with an army. Whose army are we in.

I didn’t pull the trigger on writing a review about the teach. I called my dear friend with a heart for justice, and I prayed for her and the whole situation personally, and surrendered it all to God, with a full knowing that He fights our battles.

For a moment I thought I’d might lose my friends involved, but my good friend was supportive and reassured me she still loved me reguardless. Unconditional love. Wow, now that is refreshing.

Be refreshed, and let God fight the battle. We do our part, and he fights the battle. We don’t always know the when we’ll get an answer or what it will be. But trust and faith in God, and praying, is the path to real gold. Discernment will help us decide on what the action to take is. Sometimes it is in the front lines. And sometimes it’s in the imbetweens. Often I find the answer through the gift of rest. And always, the thankfulness factor plays a huge role in our lives and those around us.

It’s not what we have, it’s who we have around us. If you have no one, and or if there’s been friction, there are some phenomenal online leaders out there, such as the Joy Portal crew from Global Celebration! They are imparting so much community and joy, I feel more hope then I have throughout the whole pandemic! And let’s say it, pandemic be gone!!!!!!! God is bigger than it all. God is a compassionate God. We get to follow.

Love. It is a love that only God can fill. I thank God for highlighting the narrow and yet wide, in awe and wonder path for us all. And for teaching us how we don’t want to be, which teaches us how to be, if we let it.

And can we just laugh the crap out. Oops, I just wrote that.

Blessings to you on your journey, I am an artist that’s experienced a lot of emotions lately, and I can’t imagine what you have gone through. Know that you are the only you, that it’s ok to be different, and that God loves you unconditionally, and that He will highlight the path that will bring you to a place of belonging. Because you belong. You belong. You belong. And quite possibly maybe, you are the one to pave the way. Maybe, quite possibly it’s starts with you! Integrity, wisdom, and purity are in true belonging. Wouldn’t you agree that the world needs to change. Now is the time we make a better world for our children and all the generations to come. It starts with ourselves. No matter our circumstances. Plant the seeds, and they will grow. Follow the path beside still waters no matter how the circumstance of the waters may be.

Much love on your journey! And extra blessings and peace for all who are transitioning back into school! Talk about a time to discern. Follow the path of peace, it may not be easy, but if there’s peace, than it’s golden. Blessings to you all, the parents, caregivers, teachers, and school people.

With Love,

B e t h a n y

‘We wrestle not against flesh and blood!’ Good reminder that can help so much with discernment, and getting rid of bitterness. Ephesians 6:12

‘Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. … Forgive as the Lord forgave you.’ Colossians 3:2



As I’m meditating by the trees, the bark pulls out of me, and an infilling of gold like honey remains.

This piece is primarily about Breaking off the past and lies, to arise and go for visions of hope. I’ve been in it. And I know much of the world has been in it.

Letting go of the insecure past is vital for freedom. I encourage you to follow your visions, despite what surroundings look like, or say. It is faith, it is trust in God. And sprinkled in here, are keys to how I’m finding my process.

Last Thursday I had a vision of a hand writing, and pages twirling in the air while soaking to encounter with BSSM. A name came to mind. One that I bless. And one that I pray for. One that the bark is also being pulled out of I can only hope. And one that I have worked hard to detach from like a split tree. Which now every THING of what had remained, has been removed. It’s ever so freeing.

I’m a single mom. With that has come things I never really imagined. First off, I thank God for the unique blessings it brings, like loving supportive human beings all around. I never imagined getting married for a divorce. But I never imagined the pain I’d feel of being stuck, and the rest of the challenges that went with that. To know our own truths, and not deny our experiences is vital. I’m not gonna lie, it’s been real hard. With the particular financial struggles I’ve faced, the tough conversations, the fears from threats, and ultimately not really knowing as much as I wish I knew. Not having it all together, as I’ve always imagined I would. I’m laughing now as I write that, cause who does. And if you do, I urge you to pray for the rest of us! Create purpose by doing it in love and watch what will happen. If every challenge we saw others had, were prayed for or helped with, instead of complained about—life would be different. And this is the life I’m embarking on. It takes practice, strength, and muscle. It’s creating a world of love and through love. Which doesn’t include enabling. For then we need to redefine love, and uproot the lies and disguises from the start…with love. Thank God everyday is a new day!

While I’m processing through certain life challenges today, I can say it is so much easier than what it was when I was stuck in an unhealthy relationship. While I’m working in new levels of freedom, I’m on the searching path to finding more. I have a feeling It’s a continual thing no matter where we end up.

I thank God that I was given a chance for freedom. Note, I said yes. You are the only one that can say yes to breaking free. The feelings I’ve navigated through this have changed over time with the healing I’ve been blessed to recieve. I can say that still, it hasn’t been easy. But it’s easier. And I believe as time goes by, peace will only increase.

Bark being pulled out, and a particular source cut off. So I say yes to the gold honey of Heaven! Which also means me saying yes to not fighting for the old. While I say yes to the vision, I admit these questions I’ve been sweating through. Am I strong enough, smart enough, cool enough, do I make sense, do I have energy. It’s not a subject I can bring up casually to some because then I’d quite possibly hear all their what if’s. And I am done with that language. Plus over all the noise, opinions, arrows, and emotions, what is God saying? For God is an empowering God! So those who want to say any sort of negativity or what ifs, rather pray for God’s provision, direction, and open doors for me, and everyone you think could benefit for open doors. And fully believe that when one door closes, another opens. Let the strategy of Heaven fall down. This doesn’t include striving, fear, confusion, and extra stress. It includes wisdom, love, and peace. Perhaps a period of waiting, which is where our faith is put to test. I’m including a link at the bottom of this page, to some creative stay at home job sites and recommendations I’m excited to get on, including this blog! Create be healed. Be healed and create. Now that’s the cycle I’m jumping on. Which requires cutting off the old cycles as we arise.

As I was going through this decision process of whether to strive to keep something old, or to let go of it and press forward which would require radical trust…I had a vision of tree barks being removed from my heart and ribs—the entire upper body, and I was then filled with gold like liquid honey.

While I processed it over the next few days—a week even, more visions and memories popped up.

A vision of a mom sobbing of all the paperwork, documents, and training she had to keep up with, on top of the work she had to do, without getting the help she needed. Honestly paperwork has already made me cry a lot. I’d prefer not to do more of that kind, after finally finalizing my divorce last fall! I felt so free!!! And I declare this freedom shall only get better!

I’ll never forget my therapist saying many many times, the goal is to make your own money, and everything the dad gives is bonus. I’d laugh and cry at that a lot.

I was reminded of one of my teachers whom her ex left her, and her children. Receiving no help from him, except for the added awful challenges in the beginning, which dissipated eventually. She had her parents nearby as healthy influences for her children.

I moved in with my parents December 24th. First I admit that one of the best parts of it is the continual cooked dinners. I have also learned to worship God like never before on certain days. I have been use to freedom in our own apartment for 3 years, into suddenly feeling like an adult child. Plus I’m a mom. So whatever normal challenges that have come up with having children, have been an added pressure with my parents there. But praise God, new boundaries have been defined, and we are in a better place 6 months later called now. BOUNDARIES! We must fine tune them and create new when necessary. Let the anxiety or anger lead to a helpful, action towards peace and love. It’s a process, and it requires thankfulness. Often I sit here in the mudroom my parents gave me during our temporary stay here. It’s a beautiful boundary. It’s an office. A creative space. What was a tiny square, has become my secret place. And I got to paint it! You know green stripes are on my ceiling!!! Thankfulness and strategy can be found in the secret space.

This decision of saying yes and completely allowing the bark to be removed, and thus putting trust in God as our provider, on another level, will free us on another level. Amen.

After deciding that, I got a check in the mail for a complaint I made to the BBB about my old insurance that stole. They refunded me! Sure I had to fight for that one, or God ultimately did. I wrote two letters of all the facts. One to BBB, and one to the insurance commissioners. I’m not much of a complainer. Although they had unjustly taken all the money out of my account, nearly right before my daughters 8th birthday. I’m over being desperate in that way. God is bigger then all this. And sometimes we have to cut off what we think is security to make room for our best life. I switched to metromile which seems like a better deal if you don’t drive much…time will tell. If you’re in the market to get a new insurance, Check it out.

And listen to I am no victim, by Kristene Demarco!

It is action time!!!

So what to say now! What to do now! Say it with me! All that you want to come Into agreement with! And create your own!

I am a good mom. My children and I live in abundance. We are blessed. God is our provider. I am creative. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (That definitely means rest when needed.)

Create Thank you lists, thank you notes, thank you prayers…this equals a thankful life!

Get inspired by testimonies, things that were impossible that became possible, and those who inspire you!

In preparation for a black lives matter peace walk in Redding California, my youngest daughter and I made signs. As I stared at them in the garage, they became inspiration for me to make more signs. What else do I stand for? And how incredibly inspired I am by all of my black brothers and sisters whom have walked the walk!!! Whom have been rejected, abused, and treated unfairly so many times, and are walking, singing, dancing, creating, and living in freedom. They broke through curses with love, and into freedom!

I’m excited to see the freedom that will come to the world from those who are partnering together for unity, and those who have paved the way in actions of peace. For everyone walking the walk, and the lives we directly touch. Worshipping God is a part of this, and removing all bitterness is done with honoring and knowing our maker. Remove the old bark and the honey of Heaven shall fill our hearts unto the earth. When we honor someone, we can recieve that character strength for ourselves if we so desire. So who are we honoring, and who are we inspired by. What is the result.

I started out small and made signs for the dishes. It’s sort of hysterical, but oh how this is making my job so much easier, living in a house of four generations! Now I don’t have to say these words to my children after every meal! And now I have a whole list of signs in my mind to make, to make everyone’s life easier. And best of all, it is working! Images coming soon with my new Etsy shop!

Who can you lean on? while I know I am loved, certain times I have felt it is only God that I can call on. Or sometimes it’s my cousin Monica. Or this person for that, and that person for this. And I’m in full consideration of seeing a therapist again, with insurance being accepted. As much as I’ve tried to breakthrough on my own, from experience I know, that having someone else you can bring up everything too can help. And if it’s free or doesn’t cost you much in the grand scheme of things, then this could possibly be a game changer. And I also believe to see the fun things in life as therapy!!! Inner health is so important…it’s more important than outer, although they are completely connected. I have so soooooo much to learn, and much that I’d love to have help processing with, with higher council, to ultimately get unstuck faster. Prayers are also powerful! Get online for church services, and pastors and prophets are waiting for your call to pray. Check out Bethel. Check out Expressiom 58, who’ve I’ve called many times for prayer, and fruit is being produced in my life because of these prayer calls!!!!

List what you ultimately want!

I want peace. I want to live a life of dreams. I want to create and produce, and connect, and enjoy my season of rest before beginning school in the fall. It is possible to make money and be at home, 2020 and moving forward! Agree with it! Declare it! Receive it! Do it!

Fine tune your creative process!

Through writing here, It has opened my eyes to the arrows the enemy has tried to give, and empowered me to let them rebound off of me! With only more visions from God landing. The bitterness has to rebound off or be uprooted. Worship God and create through the pain and an exchange of peace hopefully will take place. Create with what you’ve been given, and discover what lands.

Anyhoo, I hope that somehow by me learning to be free, is helping you be free too! I’m a creative in many ways, and so here is part of my journey. Share if you believe this can empower others, and or if you are lead to support in additional ways, see the links below. Thank you for stopping by and hearing me. I appreciate your time!!!!!!! Have a BLESSED day! Live a blessed life!

Linkroll! 🎉

Creative at home jobs to check out!

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Etsy shop Coming soon!

My BSSM account •school of supernatural ministry!

And p.s., if you feel called to be apart of the change as a revivalist, BSSM is now offering its program online!!!

We are all in this together.

Heavens Kingdom realm can be compared to yeast that a women takes and blends into three measures of flour and then waits until all the dough rises. Matthew 13:33 TPT

Baby steps gotta lead somewhere! God Bless you!And take care!



Self Compassion and boundaries.

Hey there!

{With what’s been going on in the world, and all of our personal struggles, it could be helpful to share our processes for the very human beings who may feel alone, and whom desperately need to know…you are not alone. I feel alone at times, I feel incredibly messy often, but what I am still grasping is, God is bigger than my messes, no matter how big they are. God’s bigger. And as I am being empowered by the Holy Spirit, wisdom and grace, I shall empower whomever may need it. We are here for a purpose. Every caterpillar wiggles her way out to discover breakthrough and freedom.
After visions of butterflies and a typewriter, while contemplating the bulk of this private post, I’m now sharing. As I wrote it, two butterflies graced me with their freedom bringing presence.
I wrote last week for processing pain, a deep sense in my body that something was different, and visions, where the very next day after writing it all, my family and I experienced a re-opened, minute by minute decision making trauma. Which is too painful for me to share here, now. And to honor everyone involved, I won’t go into the details. I can say, the next day required extra love, grace, wisdom, prayers, boundaries, and compassion, which is what this is mostly about. And I recognize, God prepared us with the visions he gave me written below, to have boundaries, and to give the Holy Spirit the pain.
And I add now, the acknowledgement of the horrific injustice of the precious life of George Floyd. It is time to speak up for justice. And love, not hate. This requires much much inner healing, wisdom, conversations, and better friends to say the least. All things are possible through Christ.}

Self compassion is such a key in ones healing. In my prayer time this morning I was reminded. And since it’s mental health awareness month combined with quarantine, I don’t know about you, but I just so happen to be experiencing, challenges.

When thinking of a step I believe God is asking me to do, fears bubbled up as visions paralleled. I share to help those who may need it like I did.

The fears of not being understood, and rejected, and possibly humiliated, as I step into the unknown to partner with these visions. How could I do another thing, when I have been told many times (by broken people I now know) who were stuck in their own exalted ways, things like, ‘your opinion doesn’t matter’, and ‘you don’t make sense.‘ This is enemy language. And so I release it here now, to help those torn apart by words. Know where the words are coming from. And do all you can to let them bounce off!!! 1,000 exclamation points. The latter one was specifically from a college teacher, on the subject I’ve been having visions to partner with God on, hence the fear. Both statements were spoken by teachers, humiliating me on site. Leaving me abandoned, and rejected. I did not know the loving ways of God either, except a strong feeling in my heart that would have turned into justice and resilience, had I known my identity. But what I knew of myself then, who was trying to build after being broken, was shattered. My voice was silenced. Complete distrust began with these types of leaders. As my own insecurity and self protection reigned.

The fact is, as I began to surround myself by kinder, smarter, out of the box thinking people grounded in the truth, much was broken in the right way, and the me was encouraged. And so I will believe what God says, the good and the truth, and the empowering.

Boundaries are important, boundaries built with God. Not hate. It’s important to find and see the difference in order to truly make a difference. If it’s through hate, aren’t we mirroring the same cycle. I’ve tried that way in response, and that’s not life bringing. It’s the opposite. And we have the power to choose, especially once we know.

Apologies and repentance are important, and then true change, pressing forward. Self compassion is key in this, and is absolutely vital for freedom. Self compassion begins the undoing, rather then creating another cycle of shame.

The truth sets you free, and there is no truth without love. Otherwise it’s religion and politics that creates division. Division feel like crap. So how do we cope, or better yet, get stronger. Build healthy walls with the love of God. The walls can zoom down with people who love, honor, and respect. Or when God asks us to go outside our comfort zone, like with me lately.

So, that vision. As I began to feel fear, I saw a picture of a wheel chair, trying to be pulled, and yanked out of my heart, by others. And it kept kinking whenever the metal turned. Then, the Holy Spirit filled me up with divine medicine, and simply pulled the wheel chair out of my heart. I felt my body infused with peaceful, buzzing power.

Tears broke.

My body shrunk, as what I’ve known to be true. And oh how important it is to have an encounter with God, not man trying to force pain out of those who struggle!!! That is not the way! Shame sucks, it doesn’t give but yet another circle of protective silence, for the ones who’s voices are rejected anyway. When God, and therapy, and speaking up is the only way out or up.

The wheelchair in my heart didn’t just get there. It took time, abuse, and lack of honor and truth to build. An encounter of God was the way to my open, healed whole heart. Out of love. Not out of religion. Not out of constant rigid rules. Not out of contempt. Not out of being right. When it’s about being right, love leaves the window. Those whose hearts have been abused and broken, how easily it can be broken again. And eventually perhaps stuck, with very necessary protective walls.

I then had a vision as I was encouraged to ride the chair, seeing myself smile, knowing the smile was my choice, nobody elses. Indifference from others who don’t know me were there regardless.

So dear one, go ahead with that long stare, or a much needed deep cry. Or dancing tantrums! Those feelings are not from nowhere. And God validates us right where we’re at, opening His door for us to process, exchange, and find freedom.

Or possibly convicts us, which is a huge difference from guilt from man. God convicts us out of love and for transformation. It comes from God, not man. God can use man, so we must be aware when what we or the human mouthpiece is saying, whether it’s coming from God, man, or an enemy. We get to pick up our own crosses, or stay frozen and let others drive us. And so, I write this as I write through the journey. Today I went for a drive and asked God to remove the lies. It’s a wonderful undoing. And it’s a process. No more covering up the truth, but when being covered by God. Write your way out, or whatever it is that’s in your heart to break you free. Like dancing, singing, you know that pure thing the Holy Spirit has been highlighting lately.

When I see my friend, or a stranger in a wheel chair, I have the choice to offer prayer, say hello, keep moving, ask questions, and or converse—like with all human beings. Only the possible hardship is visible on the outside. With the heart, it doesn’t always feel like automatic love or peace on the outside, which then most people don’t give compassion, in fact often it’s indifference and judgement, or validated self protection. The outside effects of brokenness are sometimes seen, but only truly known by the individual, or those who’ve walked through it, or whom know the real God of love and are moved with compassion. Either way, seeing the human being more then the metal is a must. Love and compassion for every human, is a must. And with all relationships, boundaries are necessary.

Anyway, we humans, that have been deeply broken and wronged, have all of Heavens yes to have compassion on ourselves. That’s where it begins. And by that somehow we begin to have compassion, even on those who have done wrong. It is an encounter with Christ, that makes this possible. With Christ, all things are possible. With Him, we learn to carry our cross, to live out complete healthy whole lives no matter how others have treated us and will treat us. Knowing and experiencing rejection, and then believing God is bigger than anything, and that he’s right there ready to carry us as we process. Ask for medicine from Christ. And He will lift the burden, parting the way for us to live in freedom. Freedom is on the inside. Encountering God makes everything possible. From frozen to free.

P.s., yesterday I wrote the above for personal therapy and processing, after seeing a picture of walls as tall as the trees and my hand with a pen highlighted. I knew it was God encouraging me to write. What I didn’t know, was that He was preparing me with this message for what we endured today that required healthy boundaries. It’s taken me over ten years to learn about these boundaries, and we got to practice them again. That’s another story I pray to God is over, with real healthy remaining change. So sometimes walls are necessary, and sometimes they’re necessary to tear down. The decision needs to have inner freedom for the whole as the result.

Freedom for all!