You are not forgotten.

Breathe…God is with you.

…For God is not impressed by the reputations of men. Galations 2:6

He’s interested in you, and in your boat, ready to dance with you.

And aren’t we all equal. Aren’t we all human. Aren’t we all creatures. Aren’t we all breathing. Aren’t we all wonders. Aren’t we all loved. Aren’t we all made to EXIST! Aren’t we all brilliant beings! Aren’t we all sons and daughters of the most High God!…the question is, do we even know what that is. If we are Heirs, we know we are loved. That’s the amazing thing about God, as by us believing, we begin receiving His love and His power as His sons and daughters.

Perhaps we never felt equal. Perhaps we were always shut up. Perhaps we were abused. Perhaps the unthinkable. Perhaps we want to hide. Perhaps we were once something, and now another…But aren’t we all human?

“For God is no respecters of persons.” Acts 10:34 God is good!

God created us equal. How he did it is a whole nother study. But He created us all with purpose. Some got it right, some didn’t, some failed, and failed, and failed again, but kept going. God loves us the same. What we do, and how we do or don’t do it, does not change his love for us . Whether we’re famous, or on the streets, he loves us unconditionally. And His love never changes.

Whether I do it perfectly or mess up, His love never changes. Whether I have noble character, or lousy, He still loves me. Does this give a free ride to anything. Well, not necessarily free. Free to choose yes. But there are consequences, and there are rewards.

Do I do it all for the reward? Well, after some not fun times, I began to make some changes…with the power of God and surrounding myself with healthier wise influence. And soon, or eventually I began to see and feel the rewards. But I know today, he loves me the same. The rewards took a long time to get here, but he loved me the whole time. If I could go back, I would just sit in His love. Not that I didn’t, but consciously purposefully sit there, and listen to how He loves me, acknowledging Jesus in the boat.

Today’s a new day, and I am blessed to receive this info, and it is my duty as a Christian and my humanity, to pass it along.

He doesn’t love them over there more because of the list they accomplished. He loves you, right where you are. Unconditionally. Take the leap off the comparison train, cause God don’t play that way. And feel His peace and unconditional love and your brilliant journey called life…that has your name already written on it.

I am thankful God placed you on my path! God bless you and your family and friends abundantly!

Health, wholeness, love and creativity! And Happy Thanksgiving!



Life is Therapy

I don’t know where I’d be without my therapist. Ha well, God, dance, my children, my parents, chocolate, guacamole, and therapy. Because of God and free therapy in the big city of Los Angeles, I got out of an unhealthy scenario, and learned incredible wisdom skills for life. Also I got free haircuts, backpacks for my daughters filled with school supplies, Holiday Presents, and so much more. I sat back, and was filled with so much gold, love, and wisdom, while my life went through challenging transitions. I learned to keep the hope when struggling through tough circumstances. I met many others navigating a similarity in that challenge, yet with all complete different stories. We were all there for hope, wisdom, and guidance.

Into new chapter…Moving up North, and almost straight into quarentine, I, like many felt like ahhhhh. I know God is with me, but to have someone hear you, and root you on, and help you process and be your best you, and or relax a bit. 😂 It changed everything. I went from feeling all the traumas again, while navigating some spring of 2020 things—not knowing someone I could fully trust to shed the light I needed, to feeling heard…and it absolutely changed everything.

Sometimes being heard is all people need. Indeed believers have the Holy Spirit helping us every step of the way, which is a listening skill to sharpen. But still, a well meaning therapist can be a real good thing. And a great deal to our sharpening.

One of the first few appointments she asked me, would you be interested in Dance therapy!💥 Now that, I know for a fact, God aligned our path. And wherever I go, whether it’s to acting, or to therapy, church, or the grocery store, dance is a part of it. That’s not coincidence. But purpose. I personally don’t believe in coincindance. It’s an awkward cop out to escape the truth. That’s my opinion…from experience. Although sidenote, also learning to not overthink things is something I still am in process of.

But purpose. All the signs. What is God saying about this? Why am I here? Why did I have that dream? Why nearly everywhere I go is dance, and other particularities shared with people? Partly my filter I’ve recently learned from Kris Vallatton. And I believe in this case since it’s good, it’s God’s alignment, and the presence of Jesus. He knows my story. And He knows yours. There’s probably more semantics for it, but the power of Jesus is real and anymore I’m realizing, the bigger I make him, and the more I press in, the more blessed and rested I feel. The more I can hear the Holy Spirit’s voice for everything; peace, direction, love, etc. And suddenly there’s this brilliant musical alignment happening in my life, like a Hightower of cd’s perfectly stacked. And I didn’t do the striving type organizing of putting something back together, that kept falling apart. But I did lean in, and or show up, and say yes. And so I share this now. Lean into God. Sit on His lap, and ask him all the questions. What was the purpose of that God? And who am I in this Lord? Oh how he delights in all of His sons and daughters.

He knows us very quite possibly better than we do ourselves. Let him in. And don’t be afraid to find an amazing therapist if that’s a possibility. At the same time pray about who you see. It wouldn’t be bad to know their morals and what they stand for. I’ve worked with students who’s therapists have encouraged them to do immoral things that would cause division and hurt their own soul, and many others. I won’t go into the details here. I just encourage you to align yourself with peace. Always pray, and know that God gave you an amazing brain and clean vessel that speaks.

I know many people can not afford therapy. I was not able to afford therapy until I moved up North, single momming it with medical. So I’m utilizing it as much as I possibly can. If you’re not able to afford therapy, or you know people who can’t, find someone you can trust to speak up with, as well as really listen to others. Listening changes things. Being heard changes things. There are lots of support groups and communities out there that can be life changing for the better. I was in free group therapy for years in LA, and I was in a church small group for girls overcoming eating disorders in my early twenties. That was slightly awkward for me because I didn’t want to talk about it at that time, but I still felt loved, empowered, and made friends who understood. Seek and find a healing community with peace and truth, and absolutely no shame. Everyone needs to be heard and encouraged to live their best life out of pure love and authenticity.

Listen to your particular instruments, the ones that lead to peace. And look at life, like it’s therapy.

Truly I say to you, may God bless you right where you’re at, and into His best for you. May you be filled with light, and surrounded by lights to refresh your soul.

With love, Beatriz

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7 ESV

So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him. 17 By this is love perfected with us, so that we may have confidence for the day of judgment, because as he is so also are we in this world.

1 John 4:16-17 ESV

Hear instruction and be wise, and do not neglect it. Blessed is the one who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting beside my doors. For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord,

Prov 8:33-35

In that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah: “We have a strong city; he sets up salvation as walls and bulwarks. Open the gates, that the righteous nation that keeps faith may enter in. You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

Isaiah 26:1-3


He’s aligning the music of our hearts! ❤️


Favor of a Rose

It is what it is. The struggle, the friction, it’s all part of it. The sinking to the ground is part of it. The rose hips being eaten is part of the process, that sometimes when pooped out by animals, produces more roses. In Christianity, we die to ourselves. The flesh nailed to the cross, so we can live. There’s so much to that I don’t know where to begin, but to let that truth sink in. Every time pain arises, to not ignore it, but go deeper into the cross to find it’s purpose. Life.

I had a vision of the inside of the rose. Knowing itself. It’s a part of God. It’s being covered for seasons, and begins to open up, changing the atmosphere with its scents attracting species to itself, ultimately dying to itself, and reproducing once again. Living long, it doesn’t strive. It simply is what it is, and does the job God created it to do.

Can I be more like a rose, fully accepting myself in all the processes, that are sometimes painful? I imagine the inside of the Rose before it grows, completely wrapped and protected. What an intimate space, an intimate place, and God knew she’d be there all along in this point of time. Connected. Fully connected to family, and continually producing throughout her life, and forever.

Is it possible to see the entire cycle of the flower as beauty. And our hopefully upward cycles, or unraveling as beauty? How could that be possible with the excruciating pain of the painful parts. The truth is surrendering ourselves to God and all our everything happens by encounters, and that is where His light carries us through ceilings, on a stretcher, and back to alignment and purpose. Not rushing processes. And at some point we are ready to create with creation, to ultimately bring life for others to receive healing. Usually it’s something we’ve walked through. We are passing on the baton for others to run.

I’ve put aside quite a bit of things in my life. Especially this past season of moving from LA to a tiny mountain town in the North. In a way I suppose it felt like so much had died. So many dreams I put aside. And yet, our funny God brings certain aspects back in a season I could have never imagined. What is the deal with that. Purpose. I believe there are no coincindances.

My coworker T calls it synchronicity. I call it alignment. I recall we both agree on serendipity, (I simply like the word and the film) and it’s fun. —it seems to come when our mind is in some focused place. So the surprise could take some processing like therapy and writing it out, whatever your forms of therapy are that help your mind work through our ever changing world and surprises. To ultimately continue on your journey and purpose. Be the light you were created to be.

Alright, so what I really purposed to write here was talking about Favor. One of the things I previously mentioned talking about. It’s something I’ve never quite felt comfortable talking about publicly, but am going to do it, for the benefit of others. Clue factor, It starts with the mindset.

I recently started supernatural ministry school, and in the first week we talked about favor. Something like, how favor is in our life, and how we use it to help others. I don’t know who wrote the questions, but credit to this brilliant school in Redding! (And the empowering thought is biblical)

The thought alone lifted me up, and still is continuing to do so. Despite watching the news, the smoky skies, despite tackling things I hadn’t planned, and currently quarantined again.

At first I needed to really seek to find favor, beyond the obvious ones of being in a safe place, having yummy food, and a family that loves me despite the differences and barriers that we’ve all crossed.

And suddenly it clicked, and I began to see everything as favor. When I’m struggling, the fact that God would come in and show me a dream to give me hope, or how about the Holy Spirit chills!!! He’s always with us. The fact that someone lovely I’m connected to would suddenly give me $50 to have fun with my children, or $75 right when my account was negative a few weeks ago. The fact that the bank reversed the $35 fee. And God has continued to rain in the midst of it all, taking good care of us, I almost feel like I’m in heaven. 

The fact that I’ve lived through a lot of hard things that were not fun, and awful, and I wouldn’t suggest, but the fact that God opened my eyes and has been healing me ever since is for a greater purpose to release. And this goes for you too if that speaks to you! Our hearts opened, and recoginozing the season we are in is favor. 

For a long time I have had difficulty sharing some of the incredible things God has done in my life, except in person for a hopeful purpose. Becoming free is favor. And I had to share this mindset that is truly raising me up. And it’s not for me alone. To understand the power of giving is favor. As well as fully receiving. 

God has and is making the way for me to be in school, by the generous people he has blessed me with to meet. They are not only generous in this way, but their whole lives are generous, and therefore blessed. To have my eyes opened to this whole picture, is pulling me up. Thank you my friends.

Until around mid August, I was in a hole. I had nothing to give but ears. To keep my heart and mind in the right place, I had to continually seek God and press in. Lots and lots of tears were involved. And then suddenly part of my tax refund was released, and I tithed. I watched the Georgian and Coco Banov crew speak about generosity in their kick off sessions in the joy portal, and I decided as soon as I can give extra I will. So I decided after each check and tithing, I’d give additionally to whom God highlighted. And immediately I began walking into work of housekeeping, getting anywhere from $20 -$40 tips, what seemed like every other day, or even every day. My boss noted it, cause every time I came to work, we all got tipped that amount. I mentioned that I’ve started giving more. Which he is an incredibly generous man. And he had noted through the conversation, it’s important also not to give to receive, or to expect anything back. This is very important to know and understand. And I completely agree. We give to bless someone as a human being, and to make sure they know it’s theirs for no cost. And if possible, one day, begin to pay it forward. Find a way to somehow pay it forward! Don’t hold it all in for yourselves. So I’m doing this, and it is paying off. And I wanted to write about it.

Get out of the hole by your gratitude. Sometimes you have to search for it…it is daily a practice. And suddenly one day, you will be moving on up with that soft gracious heart! We don’t know the when, but we must fully believe it. You are more precious then the flower. Keep on rising up!!! Know that you are precious every step of the way. And the tears are just as important and vital for how tall you will be, like a giant tree. Those roots go real deep. There is purpose in the tears.

Practice gratitude, and find favor in your life. Note how it is affecting those around you. Think of this, and watch it grow. Watch the good grow, watch heaven on earth grow. To have our eyes opened, and to take good actions, is a whole nother level of favor that can move mountains for those we are connected to. Everything is for purpose, awareness of your body, the atmosphere, and others, are all messages from God for a purpose. And to hear Him and to respond, can multiply favor for incredible purposes. 

Being who we were created to be, is favor. I’m on a healing path of my heart understanding the belief my mind knows. I am who God says I am. God is healing and filling in the gap that my heart still wonders, why the pain I’ve been processing. And finding purpose through it. After all, life is good. It indeed is getting better. But my heart still feels it. And realizing through the whole process, I am a queen. When I had nothing, nothing to give, and when I was at my lowest, I was just as precious. I didn’t see it then, I was clouded in lies. But thank God His truth is winning me over. And I can say, finding Him in it all is worth it. You have to believe the best about you. And seek God about the rest. 

It’s time to arise and become our personal favorite flower we have secretly deeply always longed to be. Which remember, the whole process matters. The whole creation is crying out for it. For you, for everybody. Be real. Find beauty in the process, and this kinda favor is ever so freeing. 

Green light, go you.

Love and healing flowers, 

Beatriz Cloud

ALL CREATION is yearning for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed. Note, Romans 8.