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Dressed in armor

Hi again WordPress friends! It’s been a while, and quite the season! Anyone else? I have been writing a lot, although haven’t shared here in some time. I hope you are doing well and standing taller. My daughters and I are enjoying our summer, especially when there’s water or cool refreshing air nearby!

Today I found Cinderella on a shelf, and I was ignited to place it on my kitchen sink.
Then thinking about it, I see Cinderella is holding out her hand with a stop, talk to the hand stance. When suddenly I heard, remember, Cinderella gets the dress.

In Christianity, we are dressed and covered by God, who gives us our identity. We are already sons and daughters of God. Part of the walk has been unraveling old mind sets to reveal what is already there. A loved child of God. It’s belief. We must believe. And listen to Cinderella in her princess dress here, put your hand up and say: Talk To The Hand victim spirit, orphan spirit, spirit of rejection, spirit of poverty, etc….no longer will I be abused or live in torment from what was, what God has rescued me from. Sing it!!!!!! 🎵 “ I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God.” Worship and receive from the Lord “you split the sea so I can walk right through it, you drowned my fear in perfect love, you rescued me so I can stand and sing, I AM, A CHILD OF GOD, I AM, A CHILD OF GOD.” 🎶

It is time to dance with the shoe that fits you. Who else could wear glass shoes, but the one they were designed for. If you’re wearing someone else’s shoe, that is as dangerous as stepping on poking, cutting class. But when it’s your unique clear shoe that you step into, you step into real love. Then the only thing that breaks is the breaking off of everything that doesn’t belong on you or in you. The old glass shatters off of you as you walk in your God given design and destiny. It’s time to turn your music on by turning the channel to Heaven 007. Like I’ve heard my teachers speak, Dawna De Silva and Deborah Enomoto, change the channel!

Don’t worry, follow Jesus, hold His hand and you will walk in peace. Step into your God given identity, and position of a loved one at a glorious party. Eat what God has given you, play, dance, and know you are loved. Share your story however the Holy Spirit Highlights, and have fun being covered by the Father of Heavenly lights, by His feathers, pressing on towards the new visions from the Lord.

When you feel the old familiar deceiving comforts of doubt, anxiety, and insecurity,
Don’t let them stop you, instead put your hand out and say talk to the Hand. I was born for greatness, and put your right hand into the greatest REAL Prince Charming, Prince of Peace of all time and ever will be, King Jesus. Dance with Him. Dance on the head of your enemies, and have a ball on God’s time.

As I started writing this, many times when I wrote live or living, it was autocorrected to love and loving. And this is what I heard, Isn’t it to live, is to be loved!

To live, is to be loved. God has the best dress and most beautiful unique shoe made for you, right in the palms of his hands. It’s not too late. He is a good good Father, with his hands and you in mind. There is no shame in the Kingdom of Heaven. Let the Lord God almighty crush shame as he crashes over you with his incomparable love.

As I have been writing this. Dwelling with the Lord, the worship set lists that have been automatically playing next have been from 2016 and 2015. For me this was a fearful time, where God carried me through, when I had energy for tears on the floor. When he held my hand up in the shower as I saw a vision that my hand was in a boxing glove, and I was in the rink with my Father holding up my right hand. The Lord fought my battles, and he reminded me this often in exodus 14:14. The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. And after years and years of transitions and curves, healings, breakthroughs, challenges, provision, and refreshings, I am reminded of what He has done.

I have the impression there have been so many people, like Single parents, struggling tired families, or people who feel alone and haven’t found your people yet, that have thus far been through long unraveling journeys. I have been greatly encouraged so that I may encourage.

Remember what HE has done, and know that it is a new day. With new refreshing dreams, and or perhaps revived dreams like new. Newness and renewing time. Set camp with the Lord. Worship Him as HE Fights your battles. He’s got you. He’s protecting you and your children, and to all else say talk to the Hand. I am a child of God. I am gonna wear the dress God gave me instead.


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