Remembering November

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Rejoice in the Lord you God for the rain he sends demonstrates His faithfulness. Joel 2:23

While this journal entry with these financial miracles and prayers were not that long ago, I am so glad I read them again today and am delighted to share such good news! The number 11 stood out to me this morning, with good reason. Remember what God did! God is always good, and always faithful! It is indeed a new day, so if needed shake off the old, do your dance, and run to His word and promises for you!

To the ones whom feel lonely, and or hopeless. The Lord hears you, sees you, and is holding you inside His heart. Delight yourself in the Lord. For Jesus is the promise land. 

This morning I had a vision after I prayed, after a nightmare. (Sidenote, I realized after how the morning played out with much warfare, that the first image and urge around 6:20 am, of me worshiping the Lord was his plan for the warfare, although I had chosen to sleep instead.) 

So…after the prayer, I had a vision of spaghetti squash sinking into me. My mind, heart, entire being. I then literally in the natural pulled it out, and asked God what it was, and what he was going to fill it with. 

And I am summarizing what I heard;

For those who have felt inadequate, who’ve been lied too, deceived, who’ve been the rug, stolen from, voiceless, helpless, oppressed, I am the filler of hearts. I am light, love, and healing. The healer of your heart and mind. I am sorry you will begin to hear without asking. (I can’t tell you how often this has been happening) ….note continued: Thank you for sinking into me. For now the old is gone, pull the squash out, and trust me. I am your redeemer. I am God, I am love, the great I am, is with you. I’ve heard your cry, and this is absolutely a new season for you my child. So sink into me, and let nothing else sink into you but me and my love for you, my sons, and my daughters. Yes that’s you if you read it this far. 

Today I had to lay down inbetween getting so much done I should be glad. But it was hard. The morning was RUFF, but the funny part of that was my puppy started honking the horn at the gas station…then the lady moved forward in front of me, and I apologized. Then another lady encouraged me, after I said it was a rough morning, saying hey if that was the hard thing of the day, then it’s a good day, you got the hard part over with. I was grateful where this moment went and knew God was in it. Then the day proceeded and certain things—justice things, as much as I did my part, they weren’t accomplished as there are other parties involved who I pray are able to do these things. Reminded again to worship and surrender. We live in this world, and we are not alone. So I must shout over all the noise, I AM GRATEFUL. And GOD IS GOOD all the time! (I needed to read this again today as I had a Cal Fresh challenge again.) So I’m declaring for me and whoever needs this, no more poverty in Jesus name. God is so good, His Kingdom is abundant, and say it, Thank you God for your provision and guidance (and my obedience) for your Kingdom Come! We seek you first!!!

Back to Novembers journal: While I haven’t been able to get my food card back on in almost months, God has been providing for us in miraculous ways. And I declare it’s happening soon, all food cards and food handleled for whomever needs that this week…as well as fridges and cupboards filled overflowing! I pray for the workers of Calfresh, and everyone involved that they are able to do their jobs and turn peoples cards back on. And no one goes hungry. And people like for example single moms can pay their bills, or anyone struggling can live life not striving anymore. in Jesus name, AMEN!

So about 2 weeks ago my friend Allison blessed me and my daughters immensely with a car, and with lots of food. Somethings triple portion or even to the forth. We are still eating that very well, and have a freezer of meets. Hallelujah. I hadn’t even told her the challenges I had had with my card. 

Then I was able to sell my old car to a mechanic who loves it for $500, and the next day a surprise check of $500 came in the mail. Rent was made, bills are paid. Gas in the car. HALLELUJAH. And I got a raise. HALLELUJAH. Then I spoke of my testimony to my revival group, and the following day I looked at my email and saw a friend donated $500!!!!!!! In utter shock I was and still am. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! Glory to God.

He provides. 

I do not share any of these to brag. It is to give hope. As it gives me much hope and trust. God has got me. God is the God of HOPE. He is our provider, and we are all blessed to be connected. Sharing these testimonies means do it again, so as strange as this may sound if you’re unfamiliar with the teaching, recieve these in your heart. And watch what your way maker do what only he can do for you! 

Say yes to God. Hearts and minds aligned to His great plan. And live inside the heart of God. 

 Romans 8:39 

neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

with love and appreciation for you,

B. H. Scheer
Rejoice in the Lord you God for the rain he sends demonstrates His faithfulness. Joel 2:23

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