Connect Four

We are never alone.

Imagine walking through every door, knowing Who you are connected with, and seeing every form of creation through that lense. This sounds like a more fun way to walk through transitions, up and up and up we go. For nothing is waisted. Every failure is a stepping stone, and could very well be the fuel to your anointed fire that transforms the dark into light, for you, and your entire region. Perhaps the world. For we are never ever alone. And knowing and believing you are connected, is nothing short of powerful. This thought is the thought that helps me move forward reguarldess of circumstances. And I’d like to pass the baton for those in need of connection!

I am currently in my last term as a first year online student with BSSM. This last year and a half almost, has been absolutely amazing, changing, and heart revealing. I could see or feel all the challenges I’ve had, I know why they’re there, and I’m learning to trust again. With his goodness highlighted above all. God has strategically lined up my friends already, my teachers, pastors, and mentors. And I teach dance, as well as do social type work. He has and is healing my old orphan heart, and I am a bridge for who he’s placed in my world. I am still in process. Although realizing again and again, process is part of the game. In my revival group we are learning about connection from our pastor Dilon Nuss, who exceptionally models connection with wisdom, and so powerfully it must be from Jesus. This is absolutely transforming into my life for the better. And today I woke up with some dots connected, from the Holy Spirit and all that he’s been teaching me through his word, an amazing school, and his incredible leaders.

I feel lead to process and share my understanding of the vision and hearing of the game of connect four…before I clean my house, which honestly I am declaring and praying into. So until then…about the game.

In the game of connect four as far as how I remember it…multiple players take turns until the proper alignment of 4 circles in a row take place.

How it’s played, between expressions and words is from the hearts of the players, and is seen, heard, and felt in the air…and dare I say could it possibly change the outcome of the game.

Regardless, an obvious natural alignment takes place resulting in utter excitement and whatever emotions stirred up from the player whose circles didn’t match up.

Hopefully the game keeps going, or because it’s time to rest or process, pauses until the next match.

This game reminds me so much of life. When we are aligned with the Trinity, that makes a total of four perfect circles aligned with Heavens design. God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, and you = 4.

Whatever circumstances are going on, when our heart is surrendered to God, we can have peace. We can HONOR and CELEBRATE the winners of the match, knowing that WE ARE ALL winnners. The one who shows up for the natural winner, is just as vital and extremely important. Knowing that there are seasons, and tomorrow is another day. Knowing that it takes 2 to show up to the game of connection with others, and pow, Gods alignment happens. Our hearts responding to what happens can determine a lot. And we absolutely have no control of others. But we can show up, with surrendered hearts, and do our mission of the game.

We may not see the fruit of the game when we play righteously automatically, however indeed the game is designed to develop lasting fruit. Where character is more important, and character is the real gold. And our heart posture is what determines healthy longevity, or stunted growth. Boundaries in love, are absolutely necessary for longevity, as we grow and meet more people and play the next rounds.

We are not designed to stay in the box. Releases must take place to move forward. Don’t get stuck in the tray of shut down traumas. Release, pray, repent, get help very possibly with the right therapist or specialty group, and most of all, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Whose spirit is in your wheels, and can direct you inline with the Trinitys best design.

The God of Heaven, who knows you now, then, and on the other side of every wall. Follow Jesus who surrendered, rested, who rose, and is alive and happening forever. The circle doesn’t ever stop, there may be a pause like a comma in a sentence after the letter o, and then it continues.

He’s already created your release. Will you surrender and hold his loving big fuzzy hands, and walk through every parted sea he has already parted. Not forgetting the stories of the past, in fact using them for his glory. This is alignment. This is connect four.

Pearls and pure gold happen inside of Gods heart. In our agreement to His words and whispers, thunders, and more.

With gratitude for you, B.H.Scheer

Matthew 18:20

For wherever two or three come together in honor of my name, I am right there with them!”

1 Peter 4:13 

Instead, continue to rejoice, for you, in a measure, have shared in the sufferings of the Anointed One so that you can share in the revelation of his glory and celebrate with even greater gladness!

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